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Symphony No. 1

Annotated copyist's score – ACF4


A-Wn L1.UE.375


Fascicle structure











  [On front wrapper, autograph] Symphonie (Nro 1) in D-Dur/ von / Gustav Mahler
  [?inter 1896–February 1898]


  Black ink, copied by Weidig, with autograph annotations, and printer's marks


  A 20 staves, no maker's mark, upright format, 342 x 270 (r = 303)
  B 26 staves, no maker's mark, upright format, 342 x 270 (r = 302)

Manuscript structure and collation


[fol. 1–32; type A] = movement 1;

[fol. 33–51; type A] = movement 2;

[fol. 52–63; type A] = movement 3;

[fol. 64–107; type A and type B (fol. 89/98 only)] = movement 4


  Josef Weinberger; Universal Edition (after 1910)


  None located

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  SW1b (= [St1])



A new copy was necessary because of the extensive revisions made by Mahler in ACF3 and the score may have been prepared in connection with the performance conducted by Mahler in Prague on 3 March 1898. It was presumably this score (and a set of parts) that Mahler posted to the organiser of the concert, Angelo Neumann,  in Prague in February so that Franz Schalk (who was to conduct the rest of the programme) could start preliminary rehearsals (GMBVC, 229; GMUB, 15961; GMUBE, 1557).

This four-movement manuscript was the Stichvorlage for the first edition of the full score (PF1), published in December 1898. The rehearsal numbers, a single sequence throughout the work, had not been revised following the removal of Blumine (so the last in the first movement is 33, the first in the Scherzo, 47).

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