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Autograph material

Copyists' scores

Copyist's material


Manuscript arrangements

Symphony No. 1 – Manuscripts


This page lists only surviving autograph and non-autograph manuscript sources (including those that have been offered for sale in recent years but whose whereabouts are currently unknown) and lost sources that have been documented.


Autograph material




US-NYpm M214.S9861

Autograph transcription (?) for piano duet; opening of Scherzo only

[AF1] 1888

Current location unknown

Autograph fair copy of the five movement version



Current location unknown (probably destroyed, 1945)

Manuscript of the five movement version (possibly [AF1]): ex coll. Baroness Marion von Weber



US-NHub, Osborn Collection, MS 506

Autograph score of the five-movement version (= GA [A])

AR ?1893–4

US-NYp, Bruno Walter Collection JOB 85-2   

Short-score revisions, for use by Weidig while preparing ACF2

 AO  ?1896

 A-Wn F18.Schalk.443/6

 Bass clarinet part for the opening of the first movement

 Alist  ?October 1903

 NL-DHnmi, Mengelberg Stichting

 Autograph list of revisions kept with APF1

 [Alb]  [n.d.]

 Current location unknown

 Albumleaf offered for sale in 2009


 28 Sept. 1899

 Current location unknown

 Offered for sale on 25 June 1928


Copyist's scores with autograph revisions




CDN-Lu Gustav Mahler - Alfred Rosé Collection OS-MD-694

Movements 1, 3 and 5 only of the five-movement version.



US-NYp, Bruno Walter Collection JOB 85-2

Five-movement version, copied by Weidig (= SW1b [K1])



Current location unknown

Four-movement version, copied by Weidig (= SW1b [K2]); sold at Sotheby's, 10 May 1984:



A-Wn L1.UE.375

Four-movement version, copied by Weidig: Stichvorlage for PF1 (= SW1b [StV1]).


Copyist's Orchestral Material


[CO1/CO2] 1889; 1893?

Not located

Early copyists' part sets



A-Wph III/98

Copyist's Particell for the off-stage trumpet parts



A-Wph III/98

Copyist's trumpet part with (autograph?) annotations.


Manuscript arrangements for piano solo


CTp21 ?

A-Wgm VII 66985 P.

An anonymous arrangement

CTp22 ?

A-Wn Mus.Hs.33977

Arranged by Paul Josef Frankl, movements II and III only

CTp23 ?

A-Wn Mus.Hs.33175

Arranged by Paul Josef Frankl, movements II and III only (pencil)

Probably a draft for CTP22

CTp24 ?

A-Wst UE Deposit Mahler/G. 003 (D)

Arranged by Dr Rudolf Blum (see NAMR 5, 17)

CTp25 31 July 1934

A-Wigmg N/I/32

Arranged by Anton Fleischer (1891-?)


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