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Symphony No. 1

Mahler's orchestral part set   GMP02


A-Wigmg M/I/23




Geib continued playing with the orchestra into the 1920s see his annotations to the tuba part in New York Philharmonic set.




  • Edition: first edition of the orchestral parts

  • Make up of the strings set:  8, 7, 5, 5, 5 numbered parts and single extra parts for vn 2, vla, and vcl

  • Annotations etc.:
    a) There are duplicate  cl 4, tpt 1 and hp parts, all of which are stamped 'New York Philharmonic Society' and clearly belonged originally to that orchestra's set. In later years manuscript copies were prepared in New York to replace these missing parts.
    b) The tpt 5 and trb 4 parts are missing
    c) Numerous manuscript revisions and corrections in various hands, bring the parts broadly in line with the text as eventually printed in PF2

  • Additional parts:
    a) An additional manuscript sheet providing a revised timpani part from bar 671 of the final, combining the two timpani parts on to one.
    b) extra printed parts for bsn 3, hn 1, hp

  • Timings


Complete Work


Vla, desk 1

49 min


Vcl I, desk 2

[deleted and replaced with]
48 min



50 min

Fred Geib[1] Dec 16 & 17 09  Carnegie Hall N.Y. Philharmonic Orch Gus. Mahler conductor


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