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Symphony No. 2

Autograph full score, movement 1 – AF1


CH-Bsacher 188/0313


Fascicle Structure

First movement












  „Todtenfeier” / Symphonie in C Moll / I. Satz. / von / Gustav Mahler.
  [On fol. 40v:] Prague 10 September / 1888


  Ink, with pencil bar lines; blue crayon fascicle numbers and rehearsal numbers; some revisions in blue crayon and corrections in pencil


  A 24 staves, no maker's mark, upright format, watermark not recorded, 323 x 244 (r=?), brown stave lines
  B 20 staves, no maker's mark, upright format, watermark not recorded, ??? x ??? (r=?)

Manuscript structure and collation

  40 fol., 19 stacked bifolios and 2 single sheets
  For details of make-up and collation, use the link in the LH column.



Gift from Mahler to Justine Mahler; along with the autograph full score of the Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen, presented to Willem Mengelberg by the Board of the Toonkunstkor, Amsterdam in June 1928 to mark the centenary of the choir's foundation (FZCWM, I, 602); sold on behalf of the Willem Mengelberg Stichting at Sotheby's, London, in 1986, lot 575; now part of the Moldenhauer Archives at the Paul Sacher Stiftung.


  [1r], [40v], KBME, pl. 80, 81; [1r], GMS2Fac, p. 56; bb. 225–7 Sotheby's catalogue (1986, lot 575); bb. 325–30, RSGMII, p. 91

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SHMMT passim; ERDS, passim; HLG1F, p. 1017; DM2, p. 269ff.; GMHOE, no. 39; GASB1, passim; Sotheby's catalogue (1986, lot 575); SWSupp1


  Fl 1–3, ob 1–2, ca, cl in B 1–2, bsn 1–3

Hn in F 1–4, tpt in F 1–3, trb 1–3, cbtuba

Timp (1 player), trgl, cym, bd

Harp, strings



The rehearsal numbers do not correspond to those in ACF1. The final page, [40v], bears the autograph note: (Dauer netto 20 Minuten). This final page is very dirty: the back wrapper (presumably the conjugate leaf to fol. [1]) has been absent for some time.

How the Toonkunstkor in Amsterdam obtained the two Mahler manuscripts it presented to Mengelberg in 1928 has not yet been established. The autograph of the songs had belonged to Hermann Behn, who died on 27 November 1927.

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