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Symphony No. 2

Manuscript piano duet arrangement – ACT1p4


A-Wn L1.UE.366


Fascicle Structure








  [1r: black ink, probably Mahler, with additions in red crayon as marked in red:] Symphonie in C-moll / v. G. Mahler / [pencil, not Mahler:] Clavierauszug / à 4 Handen / [ink, possibly Mahler:] von / Bruno Walter.


  Undated [?1897-?August 1898]


  Black and red  ink, Bruno Walter, with corrections by Mahler in black ink and pencil


  A 14 staves, no maker's mark, no watermark, upright format, 349 x 259 (r = 292)
  B 14 staves, B&H. Nr. 2c, no watermark, upright format, 353 x 271 (r = 285)

Colour facsimileof the maker's mark

Fig. 1

Facsimile of the maker's mark

Manuscript structure and collation


50 fol., unbound, but in board portfolio. Use the link in the left hand menu to view details of the fascicle structure.


  Erste Wiener Zeitungs Gesellschaft; acquired by Universal Edition in 1910; on loan to A-Wn.


  None located

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  NKGII.2, 41, 131 (source KlA-W-Ms)



The context in which this arrangement was prepared is unclear. No such arrangement was advertised on the copies of the two-piano arrangement (1896) or full score of the Symphony (1897) or of the vocal score of 'Urlicht' (also 1897) published by Friedrich Hofmeister 'In Commission', but when Walter visited Mahler in Vienna on 23 January 1898 it was in part to 'collate' his piano duet arrangement (NBL2, 110), so he had probably began work on it the previous year, drawing substantially on Behn's two-piano arrangement (PT2p41).

Why did he begin this project? Mahler was certainly keen to support his young colleague at this time, and early in 1897 offered to provide 100 marks a month towards his expenses if he ended up having to undertake military service for a year (GMB, 224-5; GMSL 211): it might be tempting to wonder whether the arrangement was in some way linked to that offer, but if so Walter, in his substantial note to the letter in GMB (which is not included in GMSL) makes no reference to it.

By early 1898 Mahler was in discussion with the Erste Wiener Zeitungsgesellschaft about a possible contract under which the firm would acquire the publishing rights to his first three symphonies. Henry-Louis de La Grange reports that Walter planned to show this manuscript to Mahler at the start of August 1898 (HLGII, 110), and his manuscript was used as the Stichvorlage for PTp4; the casting off has been marked in blue crayon and pencil with corrections in red crayon (editor) and violet ink (Walter).

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