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Symphony No. 2

Orchestral draft, movement 1 – OD1


IL-J Ms. Mus. 35=4


Fascicle structure and collation





Details of paper and dimensions from SHMMT, I, 399; when examined by Dr Avior Byron in June 2008, the dimensions of the available sheets were 250 x 329.


In what appears to be a reference to this manuscript, de La Grange reports that it was included in a Liepmannssohn (Otto Haas) catalogue in 1930 (HLG1, 783).


ASSZC, xxv gives the month as January.


In the past the reference number Music Department R 2007N 233=2=R was associated with this manuscript.




  [1. Satz]
  [at end:] 8.8.–888.
  16 staves, no maker's mark, oblong format, watermark not recorded, 253 x 329 (r=206), grey stave linesš
Manuscript structure and collation
  12 fol. in 6 stacked bifolia, numbered  by Mahler 5–10 (the first four bifolios are missing): see the notes below.
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Ex coll. Natalie Bauer-Lechner (Inv. I, II; Inv. II, 2); passed from her heirs to V.A. Heck (autograph dealer), and subsequently acquired by Stefan Zweig˛ who presented the manuscript to IL-J in February 1934ł (OMIK, 375; ASSZC, 65).

  1r: SHMMT, II, 522
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  SHMMT passim including a complete transcription in short score: III, 36–41; ERDS, passim; HLG1, 181–83; HLG1F, 1016; OMIK, 375, no. 894

Mahler appears to have worked on this draft while staying in or near Iglau during the difficult summer of 1888, between his resignation from Leipzig (17 April) and the start of his brief engagement in Prague during the first couple of weeks of August 1888, where he was preparing and conducting Die drei Pintos, and rehearsing Der Barbier von Bagdad.

This manuscript has not been examined, although the complete photocopy A-Wigmg (Ph 72) has been consulted. When in June 2008 Dr Avior Byron kindly visited IL-J to check the manuscript description he reported that:

a) all the bifolios that were intact at the time of Hefling's description (1985; see the fascicle structure) had been separated into single sheets;
b) bifolio '9' (i.e. fol. 9, 10) and fol. 12 could not be located;
c) numerous pencil annotations (identifying the contents of each page) have been added by a member of the library staff.

Reilly suggests that S1.1 (also at IL-J) originally formed a wrapper for this draft score, although it is on upright (rather than oblong) format paper.

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