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Symphony No. 2

Sketches, movements 1, 2 & 3 – S1.3/S2.1/S3.1


A-Wn Mus.Hs.4364/I-II


Fascicle structure






A list prepared by Heck, of Mahler manuscripts in Natalie Bauer-Lechner's estate, is bound in with volume I and can be viewed in the online facsimile of the volume, or in a transcription. The acquisition date is recorded in an annotation on the original catalogue card.











[Fol. 3r, black ink, Mahler:] 1. Satz



[January–April 1888; June–July 1893]



Ink, pencil




24 staves, no maker's mark, no watermark, upright format, 322 x 250 (r =280), brown staves on brownish paper



16 staves, no maker's mark, no watermark, upright format, 339 x 250 (r = 287), brown staves on brownish paper



18 staves, Joh. Aug. Böhme Hamburg. No. 11, no watermark, upright format, 305 x 268 (r = 281½)



16 staves, no maker's mark, no watermark, oblong format, 253 x 331 (r = 207)

Manuscript structure and collation


This collection is bound in two volumes: I = 9 fol. (all upright format), II = 6 fol. (all oblong format)


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Gift from Mahler to Natalie Bauer-Lechner; purchased from the Viennese dealer V.A. Heck in May 1929.¹



Colour facsimile of A-Wn Mus.Hs.4364/I


Colour facsimile of A-Wn Mus.Hs.4364/II


AI, fol. 1r: SHMMT, I, 726


AI, fol. 3r: RSGMWI, 31; ERDS, Abb. 1, p. 274


AI, fol. 5r: RSGMII, 95; GMHOE, fig. 38, p. 40


AI, fol. 6r: RSGMII, 94


AI, fol. 7v: ERDS, Abb. 2, p. 275


AI, fol. 8r: RSGMWI, 33


AI, fol. 9v: RSGMWI, 32


AII, fol. 4r: SHMMT, II, 664


AII, fol. 4v: RSGMII, 92; SHMMT, II, 665


AII, fol. 6v: CFGM, III, 327

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SHMMT passim (includes a transcription, vol. II, 3–20, 23) – discusses first movement only; ERDS, passim; RSGMWI, No. 10, 30–34



The first movement sketches probably all date from 1888. According to Mahler's own account given to Natalie Bauer-Lechner in April 1896 (NBL2, 50; NBLE, 53), he was working on this movement at the time of the première of Die drei Pintos (20 January 1888) and the orchestral draft (OD1) is dated 8 August 1888.

While working on the Andante in the summer of 1893 Mahler told Natalie that he had drafted the two themes of the movement at the time he was conducting Die drei Pintos in Leipzig (i.e January-April 1888) (NBL2, 25; NBLE, 29) and some of the sketches in this collection (S2.1) may date from that period.

The drafts of the Scherzo and perhaps some or all of those for the Andante date from the summer of 1893: the orchestral drafts, OD3 and OD2 were completed on 16 and 30 July 1893 respectively.

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